The Best U.S. Cities for Women in Tech Based on Career Goals

by Geekgirl, July 26, 2016

While major changes are being made for women in tech across the world, some cities are catching on sooner than others. There are a number of things to consider when you’re deciding where to live. A study by SmartAsset has done the work to analyze what it’s like for women in tech across the United States.

Using wage gap percentages, salary average, workforce percentages, and tech employment growth, SmartAsset determined the best cities. With their data, you can determine what city might be best for you based on your career goals. Take a look at the options below and see what speaks to you.

1. Overall Pick: Washington D.C.

U.S. Capitol at Dusk
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Washington D.C. is the best of everything for women working in tech. In the capital region, women earn just 0.7% less than men and make up 40% of the tech space. With a high income and new jobs being added regularly, D.C. is a very stable place to start a tech career.

In 2013, the capital city was crowned the nation’s new tech hot spot by Forbes and the trend towards technology is continuing fast. While you may know of D.C. as a political or non-profit town, tech is quickly taking over. Now is a great time to take advantage of this turn and start or grow a fabulous tech career in D.C.

2. For the Most Female Peers: Detroit, MI

By Geekgirl - Best Cities for Women in Tech - Detroit
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Detroit businesses have done a fantastic job recruiting women in tech. With 44.5% of the city’s tech jobs taken by women, you’ll find yourself with plenty of female peers. In surprising news, women also get paid more than men in this growing town.

Entrepreneurs should take note that equity crowdfunding is legal in Detroit. With a number of funding opportunities, the city makes it simpler to launch your own business.

Detroit is definitely back on the rise. If you’re craving more female colleagues and equal pay, it’s a great city to check out. The one downside, is the average income, but with the low-cost of living, it might not be a bad deal after all.

3. For the Highest Income: Fremont, CA

By Geekgirl - Best Cities for Women in Tech - Fremont
Source: Wikipedia

California is renowned for its number of tech startups and Fremont is no exception. With an average income of over $70,000 after housing costs, Fremont supersedes even the nearby San Francisco.

For women done with the scares of a big city and ready to feel safe, Fremont will give you a great chance to relax. It was rated one of the safest cities in the country.

If you don’t mind being one of the few female tech professionals in your company, Fremont isn’t a bad idea. Women make up only 25% of tech employees in this city. This just provides an opportunity to welcome and support more women in the workplace.

4. For a Quieter City: Kansas City, MO

By Geekgirl - Best Cities for Women in Tech - Kansas City
Source: Wikipedia

Kansas City ranked second on SmartAsset’s list of top cities for women in tech and if you’re thinking D.C. might be too crazy for you, it’s a great option to consider. Women make an average of $500 more than men in this female-friendly city. How’s that for equality?

If you’re less interested in startups and would rather rock a career with a big tech giant without living in NYC, Kansas City is the place. In years past, businesses have flocked to the quiet city making it a big tech mecca.

While income is fairly high, tech growth is not. You’ll want to make sure you can secure yourself a good, stable job in Kansas City before you make the move. If you’re dying to call the Midwest home, there’s no better option.

5. For Impressive Diversity: New Orleans, LA

By Geekgirl - Best Cities for Women in Tech - New Orleans
Source: Wikipedia

New Orleans is making itself known as a leader in tech diversity. Groups like the New Orleans Women in Tech organization will welcome you to town and give you a great network of well-connected female peers.

With 38% of tech jobs held by women, New Orleans has the third highest ratio. The number of tech jobs is also growing quickly. Just last year Mashable reported on the new ‘Silicon Bayou’ formed as startups flocked to the recovering city.

It’s a good idea to look at cities that are close to family and have all the amenities you enjoy, but don’t forget to check out what it’s like there for women in tech. You may be surprised at what it’s really like for your female peers. Read over the complete list of the best cities for women in tech and see if you can find your city.

What’s your city?

What’s it like for women in tech where you work? Are you happy there or are you looking for a change? Let your fellow Geekgirls know in the comments below.