Performance-Driven Marketing with Teju Owoye of Sulte Group

by Geekgirl, February 8, 2017

Teju Owoye, Founder of the Sulte Group, is a serial entrepreneur with significant experience in growth hacking and bringing new products to market. Not only was Teju able to grow her agency to a six-figure business in less than six months through growth hacking, she has helped multiple companies drive traction and increase conversions. Throughout Teju’s career, two driving forces have inspired her work- getting people outside their comfort zone and sustaining and building companies through entrepreneurship.

“I’ve always been driven by creation.” Teju remarked, “What can I create in order to advance human potential? I’m always looking at the world and thinking, how can things be better? That is the excitement of life, to me. How can I do something that hasn’t been done before and bring amazing people along for the ride?”

Creating a team where people find their purpose and passion has been a rewarding experience for the serial entrepreneur. “Community is so huge.” The Sulte Group founder related, “It’s one thing to create a new product, but loving the people who you do it with is another.” Teju is very mindful about who she brings onto the team. She looks for people who will push each other to reach the best possible outcome and share her ethos.

Performance-Driven Marketing, Growth Hacking, & What’s Next

Performance-Driven Marketing with Teju Owoye of Sulte Group

The Sulte Group is a performance-driven marketing agency. Their team leverages predictive analysis and data to identify which traction channels will help a business attract, retain and convert more customers over time. Teju says that any company can start taking a data driven approach to marketing, but they must start with clearly defining consumer personas Teju added, “Really spend a lot of time, especially in the beginning, with your customers. What are their hopes? What are their dreams? What are their fears? Why are they coming to your product or platform? What goal are their trying to get with you and how can you lead them to their objective in the most efficient way?”

Secondly, Teju recommends startups remember that they’re talking to other human beings driven by cognitive biases and intrinsic motivation. She explained, “Customers don’t resonate with ‘feature bombs.’ Target your message to really play on those emotional cues that will make someone resonate with the product benefits. Once you can hone in on the emotional connection, getting the tactics right just becomes a series of tests. If you don’t have emotional parts right, you’ll struggle no matter what traction channel you choose.”

Growth hacking is a topic that has been getting a lot of buzz. Teju explained that growth hacking is a different marketing mindset. She said, “Traditional marketers have historically gone in with, ‘Here’s our budget and here’s the big campaign that we think will move the needle.’ The growth hacking mindset is, ‘Let’s lean test and use data analytics upfront to understand where customers are and only focus on those areas.’ Growth hackers also focus on creating a sustainable marketing systems, so that each new customer becomes a referral and conversion mechanism.”

The Sulte Group combines growth-hacking with digital marketing best practices to implement performance-based growth marketing sprints. The founder noted a likely scenario, “We go in and say, ‘Here are the three different tactic and campaigns that are going to help you attract and convert more customers. Let’s test those with clear analytics and KPIs and the second something doesn’t work, it’s out of the picture.” Performance-based marketing is a new wave of marketing that focuses on sustainable marketing strategies as opposed to throwing money at a channel and hoping for results.

In the next six months, Teju sees influencer marketing continuing to grow. “It’s word of mouth with a digital spin.” Teju offered, “People are over 75% more likely to trust recommendations from peers or recognized individuals.” In the future, Teju sees marketing transitioning from being reactive to proactive. “Artificial intelligence will drive this. Being able to anticipate what a customer is going to need and already be driving that conversation at the point that they’re interested in hearing that conversation, instead of waiting and clamoring to get that customer’s attention.”

Challenges of The First Startup

Teju Owoye of Sulte Group

With experiences from multiple startups, Teju has faced her fair share of challenges. She recalled, “Challenges stemmed more from not knowing what I needed to know or being connected to the right people. Entrepreneurship requires founders to embark on a personal growth journey. As you grow as a person, you become a better entrepreneur.” Understanding what it takes to run a business day to day, how to create value in the marketplace, and hire the right employees were a few of the things Teju had to learn quickly.

As a first-time entrepreneur, things were different. Teju’s concerns included finding the right people to build a website, where now she spends more time working on attracting next level customers. She recalled the thought process behind her early businesses, “How can I do more with less? What things can I throw out that I thought I needed? Dealing with so many constraints and trying to find a way has been a challenge. When you’ve got that big juicy challenge, you’ve got to think differently.” Teju had to figure out a myriad of foreign concepts because she didn’t come from tech. When entrepreneurs find themselves in this position, she says you can’t ask enough questions.

Teju’s advice for first time or experienced entrepreneurs is the same. She shared, “The biggest thing is just keep hustling. If you’ve got an idea, get out there. There’s nothing that works as good as old-fashioned hustle.” Teju is clearly in full hustle-mode with multiple businesses and a growing marketing agency. She’s an inspiring example of what happens when hard work and determination meet.

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