Creating a Score for Trust with Sara Green Brodersen of Deemly

by Geekgirl, August 26, 2016

Sara Green Brodersen is working to change the way we trust each other in a time where the sharing economy is so prevalent. Creating the ultimate personal trust and reputation community is what led Sara to found Deemly. The reputation site will show a user’s trustworthiness by combining reviews from multiple sharing platforms including Airbnb, eBay, and Trendsales. With a unique algorithm, Deemly creates a score for each user and verifies social media accounts. Ultimately, Sara sees Deemly providing more trustworthy experiences for dating, crowdfunding, job application, and more.

“I founded my first company when I was 16 years old,” Sara told By Geekgirl, “I have always had an interest in entrepreneurship.” Sara turned this interest into experience, prioritizing startup internships and travelling across the world to San Francisco and London. “Before I started Deemly,” Sara shared, “I worked for almost 2 years as a Management Consultant, which also gave me valuable insights to big corporations. I’ve never had a career plan, but simply jumped at the opportunities I came across and I think that has given me unique insight to various companies and a strong network.”

The challenges of the sharing economy came to light as Sara wrote her thesis on the subject and spent time interviewing sharing platforms. “In the sharing economy, it’s less about trusting the company, because our perception of the experience is ultimately based on the interaction with our peers.” The Deemly Founder explained, “We need a new way to assess trust in these transactions.”

By Geekgirl - Deemly Team
Sara Green Brodersen (middle) with Deemly team.

This was the beginning of Deemly. The Founder shared, “We enable users to gather the ratings and reviews they receive on one platform and take it with them when they share, swap and rent. At the same time we allow platforms to integrate with us and in this way help their users feel safer in the transaction conducted on their platform.”

What’s interesting for Sara is how technology can be used to establish trust. Sara said, “We’ve seen it with companies building trust to their consumers for years through an array of review sites. However, our world is changing and now more and more transactions are taking place from peer to peer. It’s possible to activate technology to build trust here as well.” With this in mind, the Founder recognizes that trust isn’t always black and white. It takes time to build and Deemly is there to kickstart the process.

“For me, the sharing economy represents beautiful ideals of sharing with each other and optimising our scarce resources as well as scaling these ideas into profitable businesses.” Sara told By Geekgirl. The Founder recognizes the power of this combination and sees the appeal for female entrepreneurs. “I do see a lot of female entrepreneurs in this space,” Sara shared, “Perhaps because it’s a people business and serves a higher purpose. Even if you’re not super technical, it’s fairly easy to get off the ground and start your business in this space.”

By Geekgirl - Sara Green Broderson

The excitement Sara has for her work is clear and the root of it lies in people. “There are so many inspiring people in this industry and it’s a privilege to get their input and perhaps be able to give back as well.” Sara commented.

Some of the best people Sara connects with are on her own team. The Founder explained, “My favorite part of the job is the team and their excitement. I feel that when they get excited we are doing something right, which is an amazing feeling. We often celebrate little victories and post good news on Slack, but the biggest milestone was our launch party where we had 150 people show up to help us celebrate and the team did a fantastic job preparing everything. That was a fun night!“

The Deemly Founder’s advice for upcoming entrepreneurs is also people-centric. Sara said, “I always advise any budding entrepreneur to use their network for sparring and to invest in their team.” She continued with additional counsel, “The entrepreneurs who are changing the world are those who throw themselves into the deep end. I will be the first to say that that can be scary, but when you really go for it, you do have the power to make an impact.”

By Geekgirl - Sara Green Broderson
Sara Green Brodersen on Kameo

“Life as an entrepreneur is a roller coaster.” Sara acknowledged. The ride hasn’t always been easy. “The two startups I co-founded previous to Deemly didn’t work out,” Sara pointed out, “Which I guess is categorised as a failure. However, I’m really happy for the learnings I made because it means I know what not to do this time around.”

The Founder has taken these learning experiences to heart. She cited, “For example, we’ve been very focused on creating a culture that fosters creativity and engagement and making sure people enjoy coming into the office. That’s really paying off now.”

For women who feel alone and undervalued in a sea of entrepreneurs, Sara advised, “Surround yourself with people who believe in you and where your gender is not a factor or is seen as an advantage. Luckily there are plenty of those people!”

“In the beginning,” Sara shared, “I often compared myself to other successful entrepreneurs, which often happened to be men, because let’s face it, there are very few female role models. But I’ve realised that I need to find my way of doing things and that has little to do with my gender, but more to do with my personality, values and leadership style.”

The Deemly Founder’s parting advice was to find a great team. Sara commented, “There are plenty of challenges so find people that you can trust and who believe in the project and product as much as you do!”

Sara is an inspiration. Her mission to change the way an entire economy works with Deemly is thrilling. Keep track of Sara by following her on Twitter.


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