7 Mistakes You Should Make in Your Tech Career

by Geekgirl, July 1, 2016

“If I had to live my life again, I’d make the same mistakes, only sooner.”

American actress Tallulah Bankhead wisely said. It stands to reason that if you aren’t making mistakes, you aren’t getting anywhere.

These five mistakes will get you somewhere better. As you recognize that mistakes are part of the journey, you can even plan for them while you dream of success. If you’ve hit these roadblocks, that means you’re one step closer to really getting there. Why not hit them sooner?

1. Choosing the Wrong Job

Choosing the Wrong Job

At some point, every job is going to be the wrong job. We aren’t meant to stay in one place as professionals. Whether you realize this at the beginning of your work or three years later, it’s not something to be upset about. Even the worst of jobs teaches you a lesson.

Making this mistake is as easy as jumping into something new. It might be amazing or it might just be a bad fit. Either way, it’s important to move forward and try new things in your career. It’s better to be in the wrong job than stuck in the same one forever.

2. Not Going With Your Gut

Not Going With Your Gut

You’ll remember to trust and revere your gut instincts by going against them once and awhile. The regret comes with the consequences is enough to help you remember the next time the opportunity comes around.

The ability to listen to intuition is something tat comes with time and a lot of wrong choices. It’s something that just feels right. By doing what doesn’t feel right, you’ll learn the difference and bear that in mind when the time comes to make a decision again.

3. Failing a Launch

Failing a Launch

A lot of entrepreneurs go through the process of failing first. It’s how they’re able to refine their ideas to make them better. Wannabe entrepreneurs can expect that some of their ideas will fail and that this failure will bring them to a better place.

With failure comes feedback. Reaching out for feedback after failing a launch instead of hiding in your room is the first step towards bouncing back. And if it comes to the time where an idea needs to be buried, so be it. That means an even better business is on the horizon. Launching a business is a huge opportunity for growth and failure. You don’t get one without the other.

4. Quitting Your Day Job Too Soon

Quitting Your Day Job Too Soon

When you’re ready to take on the tech field by yourself, staying in your day job can be torturous. Impatience to get started on meaningful work can have entrepreneurs leaving their day jobs far earlier than would be wise. While taking this jump can be scary and occasionally a bad idea, it’s a great mistake to make.

You would never know what you’re capable of if you didn’t quit your day job. And even if you’re successful in your entrepreneurial endeavors, you still might look back on your day job with a little regret. Thoughts about making more money or sticking it out may come, but you’ll know that what you’re doing now has so much more purpose. Even if your entrepreneurial dreams don’t work out, there will always be work to find. Your day job could be the only thing holding you back.

5. Spending Too Much on Conference

Spending Too Much on Conference

There are a huge number of exciting conferences open to almost every industry and most of them require a huge investment. Whether you learn a lot or learn that conferences aren’t worth it, you’ll be better prepared to make decisions about how to educate yourself.

Staying on top of the latest skills and knowledge in your field is so important. Wasting your money on education is not a bad way to waste it. It will at least be a lot more productive than a trip to Starbucks.

6. Working Yourself to Burnout

Working Yourself to Burnout

Burnout is a terribly exhausting thing, but at least once in your life, it’s good to know your limits. It’s an easy thing to get lost in the glorification of the hustle with entrepreneurs boasting how little sleep they get and how many extra hours they put into their work.

Reaching burnout teaches you that life isn’t all about the hustle. You’ll learn how much you like to work and when you need to relax which will help you create a career that’s a good fit for you.

7. Not Asking For Help

Not Asking For Help

The struggle of trying to solve a difficult problem on your own is a major growthpoint. Either you challenge yourself and learn to find your own solution or your fail. As you practice this mistake, you’ll learn when to fake it and when you really need someone else.

You’ll also learn that asking for help isn’t a sign of weakness, but an opportunity for collaboration and growth. These two things will be huge as you progress in tech.

What mistakes have you made?

What mistakes would you add to the list? Have you done any of these yourself? Let us know if you relate in the comments below.