6 New Networking Ideas For Tech-Savvy Girls

by Geekgirl, July 1, 2016

Networking is an amazing tool for professionals in all industries, but it’s especially important for women in tech. With low numbers in the tech workplace, women can accomplish so much more by working together and empowering one another.

The way we network is changing drastically. Most professionals know networking is important, but can’t find the motivation to actually do it. Whether you’re busy, introverted, or just adverse to networking, getting out there can be a pain.

Thankfully, advances in networking have changed things so it doesn’t have to be a struggle. With so many different ways to network, you can figure out what works best for you and start building relationships that can change your career and life.

The Old:
Handwritten Letters

The New:

Creating a blogging community gets a professional deep into their industry. Not only is blogging about your expertise a fantastic resume builder, it’s also a great way to connect with like-minded professionals around the world.

A tech-centered blog offers loads of benefits for tech professionals looking to make more connections. Sharing knowledge and experience is a way of becoming a role model and mentor for other women in tech. When you publish and send out a blog, you can connect with others through social media, blogger groups, and blog commenters.

If you have a talent for writing or just a desire to share your knowledge, making virtual connections becomes easier with content to relate and connect over.

The Old:
Food Bank Volunteering

The New:
Tech Nonprofits

With the rise in tech startups, there’s also been an incredible increase of tech-centered nonprofits. If the last time you volunteered was at the requirement of a college or company, it’s about time you embark on something meaningful.

A search for local tech nonprofits might find volunteer opportunities to teach coding, creating programs to help government aide systems run smoother, or mentoring young girls in tech. Besides getting the emotional benefits of contributing to a great cause, you can meet the tech-oriented volunteers serving beside you.

Tech-based nonprofits can prove to be a treasure trove of experienced and generous women in tech. Asking one of them out for coffee or lunch will be a cinch.

The Old:

The New:
Local Groups for Young Professional Women

Networking associations aren’t new, but the people who are starting them are. Local groups created with female professionals in mind are sprouting up everywhere. In these organizations, you can find tech and non-tech related connections.

What’s fantastic about these new groups is that they are fun, personal, and centered on empowering women. They often even feel more like a grown up version of a sorority or a cool group of smart friends getting together.

Google professional women’s communities in your area to find one that might be a good fit. Relationships found in these groups might be more diverse and provide surprising opportunities.

The Old:
Lunch Events

The New:
Facebook Groups

Facebook is made for more than just wasting time. Recently, more and more professional groups have made their way to Facebook. You can find communities made specifically for professionals in tech, like #MsTech or Women Who Tech, or female-centric groups with a broader purpose like entrepreneurship or business.

These private Facebook groups can be an amazing resource. Besides getting in touch with peers, you can find help with projects and share career wins. Plus, Facebook is accessible almost anywhere. Networking is possible anytime, anywhere with a smartphone.

The Old:
Alumni Events

The New:
Expert Speeches and Q&As

Alumni events are great ways to meet people, but they’re just one way. You can get really creative about finding connections by looking in places that professional women would naturally go.

TEDx talks can be found anywhere. Looking for talks that are tech-related might lead you to other people who care about that topic. You can find smart, ambitious connections by looking to your left and right at speeches that interest you.

Researching what experts are coming to speak on topics important to women in tech in your area is a unique way to meet relevant connections.

The Old:
Chatting with Colleagues

The New:
Twitter Chats

Organized Twitter chats are a new and interesting way to meet people who are interested in similar topics. Industry leaders will put on often weekly chats to talk about a topic that relates to people in a certain industry. Professionals are invited to introduce themselves and get involved in conversations.

To get into a Twitter chat, find a topic that you’re interested in, follow the chat’s leader, and watch the chat’s hashtag at the chat’s starting time. You may be interested in Twitter chats like #Ambitionista, #CareerGirlChat, #eWeekChat, #Impact2020, and #opendiv.

Dive into the hundreds of Twitter chats on tweetreport.com and find what fits best for you.

Making real and transformative connections means getting out there networking, but with a myriad of ways to do that, you can create a networking strategy that you’re comfortable with.

What’s your best networking tip?

What’s your best networking tip? Where’s the best place to network? How do you follow-up with contacts? Share your best advice in the comments below.