6 Natural Strengths Women Have to Make Tech Startups Succeed

by Geekgirl, July 1, 2016

Jumping into tech entrepreneurship can be paralyzingly scary. It is definitely no small endeavor. A lot goes into creating a successful startup from research to sourcing to funding. Hopeful women entrepreneurs can gain confidence and inspiration by recognizing the strengths that prepare them for success.

Accomplished author and academic Marilyn Vos Savant is remembered for teaching, “Success is achieved by developing our strengths, not by eliminating our weaknesses.”

Understanding your inherent skills can help you to put them into action and move forward with your startup with confidence.

1. Storytelling

People can joke as much as they want about how women are constantly chatting and go on for hours talking with friends, but the truth is it’s a great skill. Being able to share what you do and relate to investors and customers is extremely helpful for entrepreneurs.

With the popularity of crowdfunding, storytelling is a lucrative skill. Often, the better you can tell your story, the more funding you’ll get. Even if you’re not a writer, you’ll inherently know how to tell your startup’s story and inspire people to engage and support your business.

Think back to when you’ve shared your idea with someone. Was it easy to get them to connect with and understand it? You’re probably a natural storyteller and that’s a great thing. If you’re unsure about whether this is a talent of yours, give it some practice and it might come easily in time.

2. Connecting Emotionally

A staple of marketing is the ability to convey your business in a way that people can connect with emotionally. If customers don’t understand the emotional benefits of your product or service, they likely won’t purchase it. Being emotionally attuned isn’t something to be ashamed of, it’s an impressive strength.

People gravitate towards people and businesses that they relate to. Sharing your story complete with your emotions can be a magnetic pull for customers.

There’s a careful balance between emotion and professionalism needed in tech entrepreneurship and it greatly depends on who your customers are. Testing marketing strategies with more emotion and relying on your intuition to share that emotion is a great way to see if connecting emotionally is one of your strengths.

3. Self-Awareness

Tech entrepreneurs in particular often get to the point of extreme burnout, damaging their health and productivity. Women seem to be naturally aware of what’s going on and what they need. This ability can end up saving your business before you go under from stress.

Self-awareness is a journey that we all undertake. Being able to care of our bodies and know exactly what they need is a process, but it’s one that will help your business.

Overtime, you’ll learn how to care for yourself. By paying attention to your intuition and asking yourself what you need in this moment, you can use your own wisdom to prepare your company for sustained success.

4. Opportunity Vision

In a Forbes article about the advantages women have over men, Glenn Llopis pointed out that women are opportunity experts. Women can see opportunities in everything and everyone they come in contact with and that’s priceless for an entrepreneur.

This may be one skill you never recognized, but it’s worth paying attention to. Ideas can seem to come out of nowhere, but when you know that you have the ability to see opportunities everywhere, you’ll know that every idea is worth investigating, especially when the worst response you’ll get is a no.

Taking advantage of the many opportunities you see can really push your startup forward and open it up to possibilities of great growth.

5. The Propensity to Give

It’s no secret that women are natural givers. It’s what women are hard-wired to do. How does it help women with tech startups? Generosity plays a big part in a building a successful business and keeping employees happy.

You’ll need to give a lot to your tech business and nurture it like a child to ensure it’s survival and expansion. While it may seem crazy to not give your heart and soul to the dream that you’ve had for so long, that’s where many businesses get lost.

Nurturing a startup is important and knowing what it needs will be extremely useful. Plus, generous leaders often lead to happy, hardworking employees. Employees play a big part in tech startup success where you’ll likely need help from many people with unique skills.

6. Collaboration

Relationships are an aspect that can make or break businesses. Research on how women transform leadership revealed, “Along with women’s executive social skills are their remarkable facilities for networking, collaboration, empathy, inclusion, and sharing power. Men tend to cast themselves within hierarchies and view power as rank and status; women, on the other hand, form cliques and regard power as an egalitarian network of supportive connections.

Female tech entrepreneurs can take startups to incredible places with collaboration and the right relationships. Knowing that collaboration is a natural skill can give you the confidence needed to reach out and make it happen.

Thinking back on your own relationships and how much they’ve helped you grow can show you just how powerful this skill is.

It’s exciting to realize how much women entrepreneurs have going for them naturally. Recognition of these talents coupled with putting them to their full use can lead women entrepreneurs to incredible things.

What are your natural talents?

Have you recognized one of these natural talents in yourself? Tell us your story in the comments below.