6 Mood Boosters For A Better Work Day

by Geekgirl, August 17, 2016

The Harvard Business Review recently conducted a study called, Waking Up On The Right Or Wrong Side Of The Bed: Start-Of-Workday Mood, Work Events, Employee Affect, And Performance, which revealed that professionals who started out their day happy or calm remained that way the rest of the day.

How nice does that sound? You never know what’s going to be thrown at you during the work day, but if you manage your mood effectively, the unexpected may not be so bad. These 6 quick mood-boosting tips can transform your entire day. Give it a try!

1. Start with Sun

By Geekgirl - Mood Boosters - Sun

If you’re going straight from bed to the boardroom, you might miss out on getting your share of natural light. Sunshine signals to your body that it’s daytime and getting enough sun can even help you sleep better. A study by Michael Terman revealed that sun exposure may also serve as an antidepressant.

For a sunshiney boost to your work day, start off with a little sun. Make it a routine to open your blinds and let in natural light in the morning or take a 15 minute before work walk. Add to your morning boost by inviting a close friend on your walk. You’ll make your day brighter and your mood will follow!

2. Make Love to the Mirror

By Geekgirl - Mood Boosters - Mirror

Generally, whenever we look in a mirror, we are critiquing our image and looking to see if we need more makeup or to re-style our hair. Needless to say, there’s not much positivity going on here. We pass mirrors all the time, in the morning, in the elevator, at lunch. These mirror moments are ripe for change. What if we could change our mirror-looking habit in such a way that it improved our entire day?

The science of smiling is more than established. The British Council shared that smiling creates a happiness feedback loop right into our brains. While it seems small, research has proven that smiling makes you happy. Take this tip and pair it with a compliment. Instead of searching for what may be wrong about your appearance, automatically tell yourself what’s right. Starting a habit of telling yourself you’re brave or beautiful or kind while smiling in a mirror will likely have a major affect on your mood.

3. Pick Up a Colored Pencil

By Geekgirl - Mood Boosters - Colored Pencil

When things seem to be going wrong from the minute the alarm rings, it may be time for a coloring break. A Boston College study that had participants distract themselves with painting a reflection of their negative outlook revealed that the process of creating art made them happier. When seeing the bright side seems too hard, it’s time to pull out that coloring book, paint set, or other artistic instrument of your choice.

Working on a major art project for a few minutes before work might help you keep a perspective of meaning. What have you always wanted to create, but have never taken the time to do? Boosting your morning mood could be as simple as spending five minutes quilting, knitting, coloring, or painting.

4. See Blue

By Geekgirl - Mood Boosters - Day

While feeling blue may not be a mood booster, seeing blue definitely is. Leslie Harrington, a color consultant in Connecticut knows a thing or two about being blue. She shared that the calming hue is known to decrease blood pressure and heart rate. Plus, the darker the blue, the more calming it seems.

Work in a space where you don’t get to decide the wall color? Add a few blue elements to your desk decor. A blue picture or navy-colored trinket may help you calm down when the work day gets you going. Green and yellow are also great choices for mood-boosting color. You may even take a look into your all-black wardrobe and think about using one of these calming colors for a change.

5. Grab a Mic

By Geekgirl - Mood Boosters - Mic

Singing in the shower may annoy your housemate, but they can’t deny that it’s good for you. Researchers from the University of Manchester discovered that the organ in the inner ear that responds to high-intensity sounds like singing is connected the part of the brain that registers pleasure. That means that by simply using your voice, you can make yourself happier.

If you’re not the singing in the shower type, don’t dismay. This tactic can be used throughout the day. Need a pick me up at work? Take a break in your car and belt out your favorite song. Working from home can get a lot more fun when you’re singing your way through the day. To really transform your work day, think about how you can add a little singing to your day.

6. Make a “To-Done” List

By Geekgirl - Mood Boosters - To Done

When your to-do list starts bringing you done, it’s time to start a “to-done” list. Tamar Chansky, PHD and author of Freeing Yourself From Anxiety, shared how creating a list of what you’ve done for the day or week can give you a sense of achievement. While overwhelm can have worrying about all the things you haven’t done, remembering the things you have completed can get you back on track.

What have you accomplished today? You got out of bed, right? Maybe you’ve crossed a few tasks on your list and managed to grab a healthy lunch. That is success. Think creatively about your day’s achievements big and small and you’ll reap the mood-boosting rewards.

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What do you do to brighten a bad work day? Is there something new you’re going to try? Share your mood booster in the comments below.