5 Ways Hackathons Benefit a Tech Career

by Geekgirl, October 7, 2016

Have you been to a hackathon yet? The name itself sounds intimidating, but pushing past those fears of the unknown can be incredibly rewarding. Hackathons are a whirlwind adventure and when you believe in what you’re working for, they can be the experience of a lifetime. Discovering the true benefits of attending a hackathon requires looking far into the future and not just the day of the event. Think about how the benefits below might impact your career for years and what you might be able to do with that kind of influence.

1. Network With Your Next Co-Founder


One of the best things about hackathons is the opportunity you get to meet people. Not only will it be exciting to hang out with like-minded professionals, but you might even find someone to kick off your next startup with. Getting to know someone while working with them on a hackathon is a great way to see if you work well together. Chances are, if they have great skills and they’re someone that you actually want to hang out with, working together could be a real possibility.

If traditional networking isn’t your thing, these events can be a great option. You won’t be stuck thinking of small talk when you’re working on a cool project. Hackathons offer the opportunity to kick start relationships that will give you a boost throughout your career. Even if you don’t have a business idea in mind, knowing the right people for when you did is incredibly helpful.

2. Get into Your Problems


Looking to take your work to the next level? Attending a hackathon will help you get into a problem-solving point of view and see things in new ways. By working with a brand new team, you’ll see how other people approach problems and when you get back to your work, you can take that inspiration with you.

Have you hit a roadblock in your work? Can’t seem to find your creativity? A hackathon will spur your thinking in a brand new direction. Besides learning about the issues at hand, you’ll learn the thinking processes that get things done and that will be beneficial no matter what work you do next.

3. Live and Learn


If Google is your go-to for new skills, you’ll definitely want to make your way to a hackathon event. You’ll learn things from other people that you would never happen upon online. What you’ll want to look out for are technical solutions that you could apply in your own work, especially if it’s something you’ve never seen done before. That’s where the magic happens.

Besides gaining technical knowledge, you’ll learn how to work better with a team. When there’s a time crunch and you haven’t worked with your teammates before, you’ll be surprised with what ideas you come up with to work together and get amazing things done.

4. Find Your Future


It’s no secret that hackathons are becoming major recruiting tools. Whether you meet someone who works at your dream company or impress a recruiter with your work, you never know where a tech hackathon might lead.

The benefits of a hackathon can last long after the event. Depending on your work, you can share it on your resume and use it as a talking point during an interview.

5. Work Your Confidence


At work, you can get lost in the groove of things and forget to share your voice. Maybe you have a boss who’s always killing your ideas or maybe you just feel like you’ve lost your mojo. Get it back and more at a hackathon event.

You might be inspired to start a business. You might be inspired to ask for a raise. Either way, you’ll be reminded of what you’re capable of doing.

The AngelHack #LadyProblems Hackathon Series

AngelHack has hosted more than 300 hackathons in 4 years and in 2016, things are about to get really interesting. With #LadyProblems, AngelHack is introducing a hackathon series to address the issues that are preventing female entrepreneurship.

Men and women are invited to this worldwide series to create solutions for health resources, safety, economic empowerment, and culture that help women succeed in starting their own companies.

With an impressive advisory board, there is much to be learned. Prizes for #LadyProblems winners include acceleration, sponsor prizes, and swag.

Check out where the #LadyProblems Hackathon Series is headed below!

London 10/8 – 10/9
New York 10/8 – 10/9
Delhi 10/15 – 10/16
Sydney 10/15 – 10/16
San Francisco 10/22 – 10/23
Buenos Aires 10/22 – 10/23

Seattle 11/5 – 11/6
Sao Paulo 11/5 – 11/6
Vancouver 11/12- 11/13
Boston 11/19 – 11/20v
Santiago 11/19 – 11/20
Gaza 12/3 – 12/4
Los Angeles 12/3 – 12/4
Sofia – 01/21- 01/22

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