5 Things You Can Do on International Women’s Day to Really Support Sisterhood

by Geekgirl, March 8, 2017

International Women’s Day is all about #BeBoldForChange, so we’re sharing 5 ways you can actually do something to support the women in your life and around the world. Supporting women isn’t just something you say you believe in, it’s something you do.

Women are carrying so much from objectification to workplace discrimination. With International Women’s Day, the awareness is there, now we have to take action. These 5 things are actions you can take right now. Wherever you are, whoever you know, you can support sisterhood and lead to an empowered generation.

1. Kick Your Unrealistic Beauty Standards

What’s crazier than the fact that there are 65 million girls in the world who don’t have access to education? The fact that people are talking about Alicia Keys not wearing makeup instead. The actress herself agrees. “This was a personal thing I was exploring and expressing. What’s most important about it all is that there’s a ridiculously high, unrealistic standard of what beauty is and it gets confusing.”

Alicia’s advice is to honor yourself. Express yourself as a human being, however that looks to you. We start to kick unrealistic beauty standards when we’re comfortable with who we are. What do you do in your beauty routine because you feel like you have to? If you wear makeup or walk in heels because you feel like doing that, keep doing that. But if you’re spending a lot of your time making yourself look a certain because you feel that you should look that way, consider what your standards are.

“We each have something no one else has,” Alicia said. “It would be so amazing to just embrace each other how we are.”

2. Fight the Objectification of Women

In her TEDxYouth speech, “The Sexy Lie”, Caroline Heldman shed light on why it isn’t sexy to be a sex object. Advertisements are ripe with images that portray women as interchangeable with sexuality being the single characteristic. Caroline taught that subjects act, objects are acted upon. There is no power in being a perfect sex object.

What can we do about sexual objectification? Caroline recommends a number of actions we can take right now even if we aren’t media decision-makers. First, we can stop consuming damaging materials from fashion magazines to TV shows that objectify women (you know what we’re talking about).

Cameron Russell shared a powerful point on this subject in her TEDx talk when she noted the reality of being a model and how what we see is a construction, not a real person. From there, we can stop competing against other women and stop seeking attention for our bodies. You can decide how to make these actions specific to your own life.

3.Celebrate Another Woman’s Win

Melanie Perkins, Co-Founder and CEO of Canva
We celebrate Melanie Perkins, Co-Founder and CEO of Canva for bringing us so much joy when editing social media graphics! Photo Source: Startup Daily

On International Women’s Day, let’s take another step toward ending ruthless competitions with the women around us. There are more than enough opportunities for all of us. We know that now.

Make your support of sisterhood public and celebrate another woman’s win as if it were your own. Post on Facebook congratulating your good friend for her recent success. Share an article of a woman who’s championing an important cause and doing her part to make an impact. For every time you might have put another woman down to lift yourself up, empower someone else.

4. Give 3 Women in Your Life a Genuine + Beyond Superficial Compliment

Give 3 Women in Your Life a Genuine and Beyond Superficial Compliment

We are all overwhelmed. Sometimes we feel less than wonderful when we drop the ball. Women are raised to be everything, to do it all no matter what it takes. Can’t we all agree that it’s hard?

So why not let your sister know how amazing she is? And not because she found a shade of lipstick that looks great on her, but because she was there when you needed her. Because she listens, because she inspires you, because she cares. Choose three women in your life to genuinely compliment and watch how this kind of support can change everything.

5. Make a Statement

This is not my boyfriend's computer
Source: Jinx.com

It’s your turn to start a own conversation.What one thing can you do to empower yourself and the women around you? How can you use your unique talents and your voice to say you’re through with objectification and the way you’ve been defined? For Alicia Keys, it was not wearing makeup. What do you want to change? Do you want to show young girls that you can pursue a career in tech or medicine? Maybe you share your own reality your truth via social media or music. Find something that’s authentically you to support the generations of women around you.

How do you decide what your statement is? Obviously, there’s some self-reflection needed here. You’ll probably have to do something different in your life. Maybe you’ll be inspired by one of the actions above or maybe you’ll get inspired by something you see today celebrating International Women’s Day. Whatever inspires you, be your own role model and commit to make a statement to show other women they can too.

Your Voice

What are you going to do about International Women’s Day? Tell us one action you’ll take in the comments below and share this article to kickstart real change.