4 Ways To Be A Role Model for Tech

by Geekgirl, July 1, 2016

Karlie Kloss has surprised many with her initiative to promote women coding. Many might ask, What is a supermodel doing in the tech space? While Karlie Kloss is giving coding scholarships to women every month this year, she’s doing a lot more than simply providing funding.

The renowned supermodel is becoming a role model for women in tech and that’s really something to celebrate. There are more and more women in the tech workplace, but that doesn’t mean there are enough role models.

You have a responsibility to be a role model for future generations. What it’s like to work in tech is still a mystery to most young girls.

By taking responsibility and becoming a role model, you can motivate girls of all ages to pursue a career that could fulfill your potential and enable you to be creative beyond imagination, but how do you become a role model for women in tech?

Share Your Story

Years ago, there were so few women in the tech place, that getting there was always an uphill battle, but what is it like for women working in tech now? Sharing what your everyday life is like in tech through social media and word of mouth, helps younger generations really understand what it means to work in tech.

What does a woman in tech create? What do women in tech look like? What are their accomplishments? These are all things you should share openly so the life of a woman in tech isn’t so mysterious.

Use your natural talents to share the reality of your life with upcoming techies. Whether by blog, video, conversation, or creating a program, you can make a difference by showing what it’s like to be a woman in tech.

If you can share your life in tech with pride, you will be able to motivate and encourage a new age of women in tech.

Become a Cheerleader

The age of unfriendly competition must come to an end. With so many women in the tech workplace, the need to compete for a top spot in the boardroom is diminishing. More than one token woman can be in a senior leadership position and because of this, attitude towards female peers can be completely supportive.

Imagine creating masterminds, mentoring without hesitation, and cultivating a network of supportive and encouraging women in tech. By being a cheerleader for fellow women in tech, you can change the tech workplace for the better.

You can take steps right now to improve the lifestyle of all women in tech by reaching out to inspiring women and asking for mentorship, being friendly, and creating a network of empowered women.

Networks are extremely powerful and by tieing the female tech community together, amazing things are possible.

Learn and Teach

Access to tech education is improving for women of all ages and with that the number of women learning and working in tech is increasing. Women already working in tech can do more to support that trend by learning and teaching.

Karlie Kloss first got into coding by learning it herself. By becoming teachable, you will open yourself up to incredible opportunities. You will be able to connect deeply with teachers and fellow students by participating in the community of women learning tech.

When you’ve solidified yourself as professionals and have learned much, it’s your responsibility to teach. While funding hundreds of scholarships like Kloss has is wonderful, it’s not the only way to promote learning tech to younger girls.

Getting involved in coding programs or even starting an organization to teach tech skills to local women can create incredible results. You can confidently share what you know and provide more opportunities for hundreds of women.

Living with Confidence

Confident, proud, empowered women will attract more women into the tech space. It’s guaranteed that you have encountered obstacles and might have even fought your way to where you are, but by appreciating the strength you’ve has grown and the many things you’ve accomplished, you can show women just how incredible it is to be and succeed in tech.

In every interaction, you can act with confidence changing the way the entire world sees female tech professionals. It may not be easy to cultivate this confidence, but it is worth doing for the future of tech.

Altering the perspective the world has on women in tech is no small feat, but it must be done for the sake of progress. Brilliant minds avoid tech purely because they don’t understand it and it still seems like a man’s world.

Every woman working in tech has the ability to become a role model and determine the future of tech for millions of curious and talented young women.

Who are your tech role models?

Has anyone inspired you in your tech career? Share your own role models with your fellow Geekgirls in the comments below.